Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Farming XP and JP

Need help farming XP and JP? There are many strategies you can use to gather up experience and job points! Here are a few methods I use to farm!

Some secondary abilities I recommend to have equipped on any job class you’re trying to level up is items or “Fundaments”, assuming that you’ve learned “Focus”. If you’re a chemist class definitely recommend “Fundaments”!

1. Surround the enemy so they are unable to make any sort of movement. while your remaining character or characters kill off the rest! If you have items as your equipped secondary ability, I recommend that you attack the enemy with your standard attack and then proceed to heal the enemy with a potion. If you surround a chocobo, I recommend having a second enemy alive with low health so that particular enemy will avoid you. The chocobo has a healing ability called “ChocoCure” that is used when a close-by enemy ally or the chocobo is low on HP. You can use that ability to your advantage if you have two enemies left! Continue this process until you are satisfied with your results! If you’re all Knight job class for this farming method, it’s even faster for you due to the fact you can reduce their power and speed down to 1! This is what I usually do when farming xp and jp!

Farming XP and JP


2. Same method kind of like the first but just moving and having “Fundaments” as your secondary unless you’re already the job class of the squire. Eliminate all but one enemy and distance yourself from him as much as you can! After you have got some distance, continuously select your secondary ability “Fundaments” and use “Focus”! Keep moving around, remember, the enemy is free to move unless you have an attack the prevents movement, or slows the enemy down! This method also works well with the Knight job class! You can reduce the enemy’s power and speed down to 1 and not have to worry about moving as much while keeping a safe distance! You may continue this process until you’re satisfied with your results!

Farming XP and JP

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